Stream New Memory Tapes LP, “Sheila” Track

Memory Tapes gets a bit less “chillwave” on his latest “LP”  Grace/Confusion (LP in quotes because not sure how 6 songs can be considered an LP…but i digress).  He’s added in a good amount of aching guitar lines and heavy bass breakdowns which has resulted in a much more broad range of styles throughout the album, keeping things interesting and less bedroom-y.

You can stream the whole album over at pitchfork, but i’ve embedded what I consider the standout track “Sheila”, which starts off with a light piano (organ?) line only to keep building and building both in intensity as well as dance-ability, until the bridge brings in a great gritty synth guitar solo followed by some glitched out 8-bit worthy bleeps,  finally ending with a loud and intense combination of both.  Well done. Grace/Confusion comes out Dec. 4th (order)

November 29th, 2012 | Uncategorized | by ryan97ou