English Channel: Broken Social Scene – HMV Forum 6/30/10

Our good friend Dylan is sending us dispatches from his musical exploits during his time in London.  Consider us jealous.

Broken Social Scene has been around a long time, although I have not personally listen to their records much. But I was excited to see these Indie stalwarts (and check off yet another London venue). BSS delivered, sounding more like a band actually inspired by the post punk godfathers (say, The Cure in terms of atmospherics) than a band inspired by the bands who were inspired by the godfathers (say, The Pixies in terms of song structure). Not sure if that’s the Queen’s English, but we’ll move on.

Being unfamiliar with their catalogue, I can’t speak to the set list but suffice it to say that whenever Kevin Drew and drummer Justin Peroff (I believe) kicked it up the house absolutely rocked. There were other great moments for big fans during the mellow songs, judging by audience reaction. For me they lost of bit of focus in the middle of the set, but then drove to a strong finish. On the whole, they mixed together an impressive blend of straight forward Indie rock (a la Spoon or New Pornographers), an INXS-like horn section, Cheap Trick showmanship, and even an Indie jam session; when towards the end of the set, most of the 11 players (by my Carlsburg-infused count) circled up and Drew pointed out solos amongst the collective in seemingly randomly order.

So BSS won me over. With so many bands starting to sound alike or veer away from the rock side of Indie, it was good to be brought back to the basics by a group of veterans (even if Drew had to go the Fedora route). And, I mean, any Canadian band with a song called “Texico Bitches” is pretty awesome.

Broken Social Scene – All to All (MP3)

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