EARBUTTER: Dr. Dooom: The Hoax is a Hoax


Disinformation. A rouge country music label. Secret docs. Read.

When I saw the post earlier this week on Kool Keith’s new album under his Dr. Dooom alter ego, I was supper excited. I am a Kool Keith fan threw and threw—and being a Kool Keith fan you know that you share a rare enthusiasm with a small but demented fan base of comic book fans, pornfreaks, and a loosely knit alliance of glue sniffers. Exciting, but we need a little background. So first, Dr. Octagon

In collaboration with Dan the Automator and DJ Qbert, Keith released the underground revival, Dr. Octagon in 1996, which launched him into the outer rap-o-sphere while boxing him in artistically ever since. With Dr. Ocatgon, Keith cast the first scene in his rotating hip hop multi-personality (See Pt.2: David Bowie). I first came to know it through the buzz-bin “Earth People.”

No sooner did Keith/Dr. Dooom kill off lead-off his alter ego on the first track of First Come First Served—a solid album, more grounded and comedic but less moody and consistent as his first solo. “How,” you ask, “is Keith now, again, killing off a dead doctor?”

Well, the controversy runs deep, but a good deal of internet sources say a rogue country music label co-opted some Keith/producer Fanatik J demos and illegitimately released Return of Dr. Octagon. The quite interesting (reported) saga is all here.

OK—so the Dr. Dooom video posted last week is an artistic re-slaying of Dr. Octagon, right? – calling out the fake Return of Dr. Octagon and boosting the new Dooom album that will have “no wack remixes or duplicating copies”? I’m not so sure about all that.

There seems to be a good degree of disinformation in this case. On the Fanatik J website, there is a “top secret” document posted stating it’s for the eyes of “PRESIDENT-ELECT JOHNNY D. QUEST” only. Said doc says that Dr. Dooom did in fact raise the previously deceased Dr. Octagon. Though, perhaps, once life was raised it was stolen by the imposters. Or was the imposter Return part of the wholeplan.

On the Fanatik J website, there is now a “The Real Return of Dr. Ocatgon Mixtape” posted as well as a series of fan videos for the track: http://www.fanatikj.com/fj2videomain.htm. Listen closely, you’ll hear the following lyric: “Two levels up, patrolled by the original automator”

(To be continued.: Clone Dancing, Semi-‘s, and Glendale)

Earbutter is a segment written by Dennis WIlson, a friend Quarterlife and freelance journalist covering the Philly music scene.

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