Coachella 2011 Redux

Photo used under CC from caesarsebastian

We weren’t there this year, and the more i see pics and reviews, the more sad that makes me. But it looks like coachella did a great job at once again starting the festival season off with a bang:

Pitchfork wrote reviews on a lot of bands throughout the three days, sending major props out to cut copy (unsurprising) as well as a lot of others (kanye entered on a hovering platform if you didn’t know, and the arcade fire had sweet glowing…balls).

They also were there to take pics of the whole thing.

The LA Times was there with their photographers too, taking pics of both the bands as well as the faces in the crowdbonus panorama too.

They also reviewed the shows from their music blog.

There are tons of others out there, just thought i would mention a few that i’ve been checking out.

BONUS Videos:

Cut Copy might have shifted the earths axis when the crowd started jumping to “Lights and Music”:

The Arcade Fire unleash the cool ass baloons that light up in sync to “Wake Up”:

And Kanye hovers over the crowd on top of a big crane-arm-spaceship-thingy (2:30):

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