Gift for my mom – Espresso Maker

When, this Christmas, I looked for the perfect gift for my beloved mother, I did a lot of market research and decided that for a coffee addict like her, there is nothing better gift than an espresso machine. However, before spending any money on my idea I did a careful examination of what the market has to offer, so that I could make an educated choice. As you all know, there are too many coffee makers on the market and it might be confusing to choose the right one.

gift for my mom

So, first of all I asked myself what functions I want the espresso machine to have, how much I am willing to pay for it and from where to purchase it. Lucky for me, the market is full of different variations, which allow users to make from a single coffee cup in the mornings to almost 20 cups for the office. My mother lives alone, but she often entertains guests, so it will be great if her new espresso machine can be programmed according to her needs at every single moment.

The traditional espresso machines (manual, automatic or super automatic) provide a quality espresso, cappuccino or latte with a lot of foam. The options here vary, as I could choose between the machine that can be operated with just the press of a button and those that require more work, but make unique cups of coffee. Personally, I like to wake up to the delicious smell of fresh coffee, so I was looking for espresso machines that can be easily programmed. Another important factor was the maintenance and cleaning. I prefer the stainless steel espresso machines, which are easy to clean and not so easy to break as the plastic ones. Some of the best models on the market are made from both stainless steel and plastic and require very little maintenance.

My mother’s kitchen is not a very big one, so I needed to consider also the size of the espresso machine I was buying. Thankfully, there are wonderful articles, stylish and sleek, which go with every kitchen and take very little space. The best espresso machines make the coffee in less than one minute with very little effort from your part.

The modern espresso machines are smaller and in many cases cheaper than the rest of the coffee makers. They work with pods or beans, according to your own preference, but almost always deliver good coffee. Some of the models allow you to control the quantity of water you use, so that your cup of coffee would be as strong as you need it to be. However, the best espresso machine for home cost up to $1000 and can damage your budget. Luckily, there are a lot more affordable articles, which also give great results and are easy to maintain clean.