Before you buy a Cookware Set

CookwareAre you going to buy a new cookware set? And confused about which cookware set you should choose? Or just shortlisted the one you think is right for your kitchen and surfing to have a quick review? Well, the following post from The Foodista editor will not only guide you to buy the right cookware set for you but also to say the final yes or no to the one you have already shortlisted. So, let’s get started.

There are some things which must be taken care of before a cookware set is purchased. Read the following sections and find the cookware which suits the best to you.

Family size and Requirement:­­­

If you are a single person and have a rare company, then instead of buying the whole set, you can go for some selected pieces which you require depending on your cooking preferences. If you have a family of 4 or 5 members or more, it is important that the cookware set is purchased so as to have enough number of utensils to cook food in. For the large family sizes, cookware sets with more than 30 pieces are also available.

Briefing on the Cookware Metal:

cookware material
There are a lot of choices of the cookware manufacturing material these days. The most prevalent of them are non-stick, stainless steel, copper, iron and aluminum. If your interest in cooking is limited to have something to eat and nothing more than that, then you should go for the stainless steel or non-stick cookware. You shall be able to cook almost anything in them and don’t have to even worry about the cleaning as they can be cleaned easily.

If you are keen on broths, soups, curries and stews, you should opt for the copper and iron cookware as some of the dishes taste best only if they are cooked in these metals. However, you should be careful that the metal is reactive and gets corroded with time. Hence, it will pass into your food and cannot be used for prolonged storage.

The aluminum cookware set is the one for the people who cannot invest in the stainless steel or non-stick and want to have something which can be used to cook anything. The metal loses shine after some time, is reactive, gets corroded, can pass into the food being cooked in it and gets dented easily. However, the price is not that much high. Hence, aluminum is a good choice for the people with low budget.

Cooking Properties:

non stick cookwareStainless Steel gets evenly heated, is non-reactive, can be used to cook anything, is not prone to corrosion and denting and is virtually indestructible. You can use the same set for decades.

Copper and Iron cookware set are a sensitive set of metals that react with the acidic foods and even crumble layer by layer with the moisture. Hence, you need to be super-careful with them. But, yes, the dishes cooked in them tend to have a better flavor and texture. The broilers cannot taste better in any of the other cookware.

The non-stick cookware is a solution for the plain jacks who just don’t want to dig too deep into the flavors, and are mainly using the cookware to warm the canned food and flipping their omelettes.

Cost and Durability:

The most durable and cost effective cookware set of all the above mentioned options is the Stainless Steel. It may seem costly at first, but the fact that you would not need to purchase another set for the rest of your life makes it the most cost effective of all. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive set like stainless steel, and still be able to cook everything, then the non-stick cookware is the one for you. If, however, you wish to purchase something even cheaper, then the aluminum cookware will suit you the best.

There is no major problem with the copper and iron utensils apart from the fact that they are reactive and subject to corrosion with time. Further, the food items you can cook in them are also limited.

Armed with the details, now you should be able to make your pick in the best possible manner. Right?

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